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Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

House update - moved closing date

Our house is coming along, although we're not too certain on the closing date. We've had a few snags along the way, some bigger than others and it looks like our closing date may get pushed back until June 21st. We're obviously not too pleased about that, especially since we've already been doing a bit of planning around the original June 11th estimated closing date.

This past week saw some of the most work and excitement on the house yet. On one day last week there were 5 different crews there at once. They were working on the tiles, cabinets, HVAC, soffit and stonework all at once. Fun to see it all coming together. I snapped a picture where you can see quite a few of the different vehicles all parked around the property.

The kitchen is looking nice, the cabinets are mostly in and they did most of the granite recently too.

We think the island turned out great. It's about 7 feet by 6 feet, lots of space on it. We were worried about the cut of the granite and that the colors would look good and so far we like it. The hardwood floor is next and hopefully compliments everything else.

Lots more to go, but the interior of the house is painted and you can really get a good feel for how a lot of it's going to really look in the end. 

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