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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Connor's last soccer game with Giant Alligators

This Tuesday, May 15th, was the last Giant Alligators game of the season - Game 10. Connor made all the games except the one we missed for Paige's birthday when we went to Disney. It was a great season and by far our favorite organized activity that Connor's participated in. The organization was well done, Coach Joe was awesome, and the kids had a great time together. Connor definitely learned a lot from the season and we are happy to have done it and also happy it's done. It's been a big commitment to go to so many practices and games throughout the last few months.

Typically, the games are on Saturdays, however since the other team had a conflict we scheduled it on Tuesday in lieu of practice. It looked cloudy and was raining a few minutes before the game started, but thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to have the game and finish the season.

Before the game, the team did their last "Giant Alligators" team cheer together.

Connor had a decent game, although the last few games he hasn't been running quite as hard or working as much as he did in some games. Maybe it is the length of the season getting to him, but the last few games he was a little out of it. He did score a goal, although I didn't get it on camera since I went to get pizzas for after the game.
After the team finished the game, I took a picture of the boys together. From the left: Reid, Brantley, Corey, Chandler, Connor and Collin. Lots of C names!

We took a picture with Coach Joe and the two dads that helped out quite a bit throughout the season. Clay is on the left (Reid's dad) and Lee on the right (Collin's dad).
 They had to get a cool muscle pose too!
 Lastly I got a quick picture of Connor with Coach Joe.
After the game we went to a little covered area nearby and they handed out trophies and we ate some pizza.

Coach Joe did a nice job presenting the trophies and he said something special about each of the boys before giving them their trophies.

Sissy was happy to watch Connor throughout the season and play in the filth. We gave her pizza and a cupcake during the trophy ceremony and she was a horrible wreck. I snapped a closeup picture and you can see how messy she was. Still cute, but way messier than we usually let her get.

It was a great season! Most of the boys are planning to play again in the Fall, we hope to get everyone together again for another season! 

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FreeStyleTeens said...

Your family is beautiful! Your little girl looks so sweet and the little boy is the cutest little thing!!:) You and your husband look very happy together! I don't know if you guys have problems, but you look like you have the perfect family:)