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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back to school party at Serenata Beach Club

On Sunday, the day before school started, Serenata Beach club had a back to school party at their pool. We invited the Bunnels to join us and the kids had fun playing with Kennedy and Keagan. Another family from our neighborhood happened to be there and we hung out with them as well.

Connor had fun swimming and playing catch with Bo.

Both kids had fun on the waterslide, but Paige loved it more than anyone. She must have gone up and down it dozens of times.

Paige's favorite part of the day was the facepainting. Andrea noticed the guy was available and Paige was one of the first people in line for the day. The man spent a nice amount of time doing one of the most beautiful designs on Paige I'd seen.

He also made a butterfly balloon animal for Paige. I snapped a pic of her with the man and a closeup detailed view of her face before it got smudged.

Thankfully we got some pics really quickly because within a couple minutes it was all ruined. I put a flip-flop over Paige's balloon animal so it wouldn't blow away and unfortunately it popped. Paige began sobbing and wiping her eyes with her hands and within a few moments it was all gone.

The kids got unlimited snowcones for the day, and we definitely took advantage of it. Yummy!

It was a great event to cap off the summer and we were happy we got to enjoy it with some friends.

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