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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wolf Greeting for Connor and Paige - 3rd grade and Kindergarten

On Friday, we took both kids to Wolf Greeting, which is the opportunity to meet your teacher for the first time and to see your new classroom.

In the morning, I took Paige to Bartram Academy for her last day and then at 11 we went up to LPA for Connor's Wolf Greeting. We found out that his teacher is Ms Yeaple and he has a couple friends in his class including our neighbor Trevor.

We filled out all his paperwork, dropped off his school supplies at his desk, and then we went to lunch with Trevor and his parents Gina and Mark.

After lunch, we went by Bartram Academy to pick up Paige for her Wolf Greeting. Andrea changed her outfit, fixed her hair and then we went to LPA to find out who would be in her class. Before we even arrived, Andrea got a text message from our neighbor Rachael letting us know that Paige was going to be in the same class as her daughter Kennedy and our other neighbor Olivia. Paige was very excited to hear that. We were not so thrilled to hear that there would be 27 kids in Paige's class. Connor's always had small class sizes so it was a big surprise for us.

When we arrived, Paige saw Olivia and gave her a big hug. We went to her classroom and met her teachers. Since there were so many kids in her class they have the main teacher Ms Froelich and an assistant teacher Ms Pate. We were surprised to find out that there was another Paige in Paige's class too. Ms Froelich took both Paiges aside and tried to come up with a way to name them so they would be unique. They were thinking of calling Paige by her first and middle name, but Paige's middle name is Olivia and there's another Olivia in the class. They settled on calling the other Paige as Paige Ann since her middle name was more unique in their class.

Paige posed for a few pictures with her teachers.

There was a cute fireplace area setup and we took a family picture together.

Paige seemed to warm up quickly to both her teachers and we're hopeful that she's going to have a wonderful year.

It's hard to believe summer's over! School starts on Monday and we're looking forwards to the school year for both kids!

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