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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas in Odessa

This Christmas, we flew to Odessa to celebrate with everyone there. When we got in town, it was relatively warm and we were able to do a few things outside initially. We played some football outside, went for some walks and even played a little tennis. The kids enjoyed playing Uno, Memory, and Spoons with family.

The Rudolphs have been living with Grandma Genie for a little while now, so Chewie was at the house and we enjoyed cuddling with him.

The night before Christmas, the kids put on their Christmas pajamas and I snapped a few pics before bed.

In the morning, we took a few pictures before we opened up all the presents.

The kids worked together to pass out the presents and then everyone took turns opening gifts.

Connor got a cute dinosaur stuffed animal from the movie "The Good Dinosaur" from Grandma Genie, a stuffed Minecraft spider from the Rudolphs, and a stuffed bear made from some of Grandpa Garry's shirts.

Paige was excited that Grandma bought her a Disney Decedents doll. She got Lonnie, who is Mulan's daughter.

Paige also got a memory bear made from Grandpa Garry's shirts. Hers is primarily pink with a little blue interspersed. Connor's is reversed and is primarily blue with pink.

After presents, we had breakfast and then played some games. Nate and I got dressed a little warm and went to play some tennis. It was in the low 40's and a bit cold and windy, but we had a good time. We played three sets and it was a good workout in the cool weather.

The girls baked sugar cookies and Paige helped out quite a bit.

Before bedtime, Connor, Paige and Graydon ran around quite a bit and got hot. They took their shirts off and I snapped a pic of them in front of the tree together.

It was a good day for Christmas in Odessa and we're thankful we could spend it with Grandma Genie, the Rudolphs and Gobles.

I took a few videos and stitched them all in to one long video. It's pretty long, but has some fun moments.

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