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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daddy time while Andrea is out of town

This past weekend I got to spend a lot of time with the kids. Andrea was out of town with some girlfriends and I decided to let the kids make a lot of choices. I told them that they each got to pick one place to eat for the weekend. On Friday night, Connor picked Burger King. Danny and Logan were over playing with us when it was time to leave, so I took them with us. They loved eating there and playing in the kids play area.

Paige had fun playing outside with friends too. Olivia, Megan, and Julia were out quite a while and we spent a lot of time outdoors with everyone.

On Friday night, Connor got to have a sleepover with Logan. Logan is always a good kid and he enjoyed spending Saturday with us. We went shopping for Christmas presents at Toys R Us and ate lunch at Town Center. The kids picked out some gifts to buy each other, and we picked up some gifts for Mommy and family.

That evening, I let Paige pick dinner and she decided on Papa John's Pizza at the park nearby. We took her "Gingy" project with us and took some pictures. "Gingy" is a girl gingerbread person and we had to do some activities with Gingy for Paige's Christmas project.

It was a fun weekend with the kids, and the enjoyed getting to pick their activities. It was nice to have Andrea home again on Sunday! It would be tough to be a single parent!

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