Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Living Museum - Paige as Sacagawea

Paige gave her Living Museum presentation as Sacagawea, and Andrea and I both went to see her at her classroom. Paige and I had gone through the project at home to find interesting facts and learn about Sacagawea. Andrea and Paige picked out her costume and put her outfit together.

Paige's class had been working to compile their notes in to a speech, and had been practicing for a few days. Her teacher Ms Osburn had typed up everyone's speeches and they had a little microphone and special spot in the classroom for their living museum. Paige was so excited to do her presentation, and we were impressed that she didn't hesitate or  get nervous when it was her turn. Andrea took a video of her speech.

Paige did great! She didn't need any help reading, and we love seeing our confident girl with her classmates and teacher. I'm glad we were able to come see her.

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