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Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mortgage paid off

On April 4th, 2017, we paid off our mortgage on our new house. We'd been completely debt free prior to moving in, but decided to take out a small mortgage because it wasn't very possible to sell our SJF house, get the money, and put it all down on the new house. The equity was there, but the timing was too complicated. When the SJF house did sell, we used most of the money to pay off a lot of the mortgage, but we held back a bit to be safe. We paid for the renovations with money as we made it, and late last year we realized we were done and could technically pay off the mortgage. We waited until taxes were filed and done to make sure we didn't owe a surprising amount of money, and then just yesterday we completed the wire transfer to officially pay off the mortgage.

We hated having debt, and it feels great to be debt free again. So, for the third time, we've paid off our mortgage!

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