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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Alli and Garrett's Wedding - 2024

Alli and Garrett had their wedding on Sunday, May 26th, 2024 at Spring Creek Estates in Republic, MO. Paige went with the Rudolphs early in the morning to start getting everything set up for the big day. Since there was a wedding at the venue on Saturday, we did the rehearsal on Sunday morning. Everyone arrived for the rehearsal and we went through the plan and practiced. There was rain in the forecast, and it looked like it was going to arrive during the ceremony, so everyone was a bit stressed.


After we finished practicing for the wedding, Andrea and Paige went with the girls to the bridal suite to do hair and makeup. Connor and I went to McAlister's Deli with the Gobles and then back to the hotel to relax for a little while before getting ready. As Connor was getting dressed in his suit, we realized we hadn't brought his belt. We rushed out the door and stopped by a Walmart on the way, and thankfully they had a belt that matched his shoes and that fit.

The ceremony started on time and everything went smoothly. Graydon walked Genie down the aisle, Connor walked Abby down the aisle, and Griffin did well as a ring bearer with Liam. Alli had a dramatic entrance with a short recorded speech, and then the barn doors opened to reveal her in her beautiful dress. Alli's uncle Aaron performed the ceremony, and there were quite a few people that teared up, including Paige. Unfortunately, where I was sitting, it was difficult to take pictures without being disruptive. I only snapped a few, but hopefully the professional photographer and videographer captured some good ones.

After the ceremony ended, Alli and Garrett went with the photographers for pictures, and everyone else went inside for the reception. We took the opportunity to goof off a little, and to take some family pictures while we were all dressed up and cleaned up.

The dinner that evening was BBQ chicken or pork, green beans, and cheesy potatoes. We enjoyed dinner, and then the speeches. Nathan gave the first toast, then Garrett's best man, Paige, and Drew went last. Paige wrote her speech herself, and we'd practiced it a few times in the days leading up to the reception. We are probably biased because we adore her so much, but we think she did an amazing job. There aren't many people comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, and probably even less 14 year olds that would be willing to do it. 

Once dinner finished, we snapped some group pictures with extended family before it got dark, and then we did a little dancing and socializing the rest of the evening. 

Overall, we were thrilled that everything went so smoothly and successfully for Alli and Garrett's big day. The storms held off long enough for the ceremony and for pictures, and they blew through while everyone was comfortably inside and eating. It was actually quite a storm, with grape sized hail, and it cleared up by the time we finished eating. If it had to rain that day, it was the perfect time for it.

After the wedding, I chatted with everyone in our family to capture some of our thoughts, memories, and impressions before we forgot.

  • Seeing Garrett's reaction to Allison during the ceremony
  • The venue was beautiful and loved the barn door entrance
  • The ring warming was a special touch
  • Enjoyed walking around with Uncle Nate and hanging out with him while he chatted with everyone during the reception
  • Had fun giving her speech and wasn’t nervous at all
  • Liked that Paige was there for 13 hours
  • Loved how Nate took a long time on the ring warming
  • Cheesy potatoes
  • Liked watching Grandma Genie talking and interacting with her siblings
  • Loved every part of it
  • The venue was beautiful 
  • Paige's speech
  • Connor walking Abby down the aisle
  • Thought Aaron did a great job officiating
  • Should not have worn a light blue shirt in a hot day
  • Green beans and cheesy potatoes were delicious
  • Loved Paige’s emotion and her speech
  • Enjoyed watching the girls dancing

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