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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Connor's Summer Internship

Connor's had a busy summer already with some summer courses through SJR and with his regular job at the tennis club, however he's had an exciting opportunity to do an internship with a local company. Connor's in the IT Academy at his high school and there were a few companies that came to interview students at the end of the school year. Most of the internships were unpaid, however Connor was one of a small handful chosen by a company that paid for the role and it's at a cutting edge international company that does some interesting work. 

Andrea deserves a lot of the credit for the opportunity, as she helped Connor apply for the interviews, got him outfits that were appropriate, and kept him on track throughout the process. Connor's been good about getting up, getting ready, and driving to work most mornings. There have been a few instances where Andrea had to wake him up, and we've worked with him to get his alarm more configured so he can be independent. Even after that, Andrea's had to wake him up twice recently and we've started fining him $10 per incident to hopefully incentivise him to find a better solution.

There's a lot that's gone in to the internship, but all the hard work paid off, and Connor's had a priceless experience in the weeks he's been working. His manager is an interesting guy that has talked to the kids about the work at the company, but also about general office etiquette, business, and life in general. Connor's manager took the interns out to some nice restaurants in the Town Center area a number of times and they've been treated to some delicious lunches. 

The experience is interesting for us to observe, and we love hearing Connor try and recount his days when he gets home. In one of our initial conversations, Connor couldn't remember where they'd gone to lunch, and we tried to figure it out but he was completely clueless. In our favorite conversation, we asked Connor how his day was and he was excited to tell us that he remembered they'd gone to "Seasonal 52" and that he'd had "Tuna with green beans" for lunch. We cracked up because he'd actually gone to "Seasons 52" and when we looked at the menu we realized he had "Rainbow Trout with Asparagus". Close enough bubba!

We love seeing him take the responsibility seriously, and we're so proud of him for working hard and taking advantage of his opportunity. He's learning so much and we're thankful that his school and our community can give him this experience. 

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