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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Camp Pinnacle 2024 - Paige

This summer was Paige's fifth time to Camp Pinnacle, and she's been looking forwards to it since the moment she left last year. She was excited that her good friend Kahla from 2022 was signed up and would be in her cabin, Tallulah. Paige enjoyed hanging out with Kahla again, and she also made a good friend in Koko, who she'd met in previous summers, but hadn't had in her cabin. Koko and Paige became very close, and they had a group of six girls in their cabin that gravitated towards each other and did a lot together. 

When Paige is away at camp, our favorite part of the day is to check the Campanion app to see what Paige has been up to. The weather was fairly ideal this year and Paige had lots of sunshine and was able to enjoy the cooler North Carolina weather, but it was still warm enough to enjoy fun in the water.

The pics that we receive are always awesome, but this year was extra special because Paige took our old Canon camera with her to camp. Electronics aren't allowed, but cameras are an exception, and Paige got a lot of great pics and videos too. Koko liked playing with the camera so we ended up with quite a few pics with Paige in them. 

Paige flew home on June 20th, and we had to pay for the unaccompanied minor fee. Everything worked out nicely and Andrea picked her up at the gate safe and sound. We are so happy Paige enjoyed her summer camp again, and she's already begged us to let her go back next year. We told her that we'd plan on it, and she's already counting down the days until next summer.



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