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Sunday, June 30, 2024

New Golf Cart - Evolution D5 Maverick 4

This past weekend, Andrea and I went to lunch in Amelia Island to test drive a type of golf cart we were interested in. 

Our old golf cart's served us well since 2016, but the batteries have been dying and filling them up with water is always a pain in the butt. I called around to price out new batteries, and the regular battery replacement was $1220 while the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO 4) batteries would be around $2982. We were not thrilled to spend money on our old cart, especially since nobody ever wants to sit backwards in the back seats. We looked at GEM cars, but they were super expensive and there really weren't any dealers nearby for us to test drive with. 

We were interested in the Maverick after Andrea found it and it checked all of our boxes on paper. It had the Lithium battery we wanted, four seats that faced forward, an adjustable steering wheel, and it sat up a little higher than our old one. We enjoyed our test drive, and although the place where we did the test drive didn't have the color we wanted in stock, we found a place in St. Augustine that did. They dropped off the new cart, and took our old one back to their shop to replace the batteries, and hopefully to sell it on consignment. 

The new cart's not perfect, it has a couple issues that need to be fixed, but the dealer has assured us they'll take care of it. There are a couple of scratches, and the rear view camera goes staticy occasionally. We've enjoyed driving it around the neighborhood so far, and Paige especially likes to get the driving practice. We're a little worried we're going to get in trouble with her behind the wheel, but hopefully with her parents in the car, we won't have any problems. 

 Good bye old friend!

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