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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Table Rock Lake and Silver Dollar City - 2024


Monday, May 27th, we checked out of our Springfield hotel and we had a little time before we could check in to our house at Table Rock Lake. We had lunch at McAlister's Deli and then decided to do a little shopping at Bass Pro. The Bass Pro in Springfield is "The Grandaddy of All Outdoor Stores" according to their own description and the kids have never been in. Andrea and I went there from time to time when we were in college, and it was fun to see it again and to see the kids experience it for the first time. I was worried they'd think it was boring, but they both loved it. Paige got a pink Bass Pro hat and a Bass Pro sweatshirt that had Missouri on the back. Connor got a Bass Pro shirt featuring the NASCAR car that they sponsor. We picked up a few other things and actually didn't get very far through the store before we ran out of time. We probably only went through a quarter of the store before we left.

We drove to Table Rock Lake after a short drive and swam in the pool and lazy river until we were allowed to check in. After we checked in to our house at Watermill Cove and did some unpacking, we went to the pickleball court and played until we ran out of daylight.

Tuesday, May 28th, we went out on the lake in a pontoon boat with Captain Ryan. We'd had some warm days since we were in Missouri, but unfortunately it was a cool day on Tuesday. We had on our swimming gear, but most of us had jackets and hoodies on too. 

We started off with some tubing and I went out with Connor a couple times. I took Griffin out on the tube for a nice chill ride, which he absolutely loved. 

Paige and Nate went out together on the tube and then we threw out the Lily Pad and swam for a bit. It was a cool day, but the water was fairly warm and it wasn't so bad after we got in the water.

In the evening the kids played mini golf and we all played some more pickleball before heading back to the house for s'mores. 

Wednesday, May 29th, was our Silver Dollar City day. Nate took Connor, Paige, and Graydon out in the morning and they got to the park at opening time. They rode some of the rides before the lines got long, and then we met up with them later in the morning. The first thing we did as a group was to take our old timey picture together, then we grabbed some lunch.

We all rode the train around the park before we split up and some of the more adventurous in the group rode the thrill rides. 

In the late afternoon we all met up before the Gobles left for the day, and got a picture together.

Our family, along with the Nathan and Abby, went through the park on our own and rode the scariest coasters and finally the water raft ride, which absolutely drenched us.

Thursday was our last full day in Missouri. Andrea and I played pickleball in the morning with the Rudolphs, and the Gobles went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then go carts with our kids and with Grandma Genie.

In the afternoon we enjoyed the lake toys and Uncle Ryan rented a jet ski. Connor and Aunt Abby went out on a pedal boat, Paige and Graydon did some fishing and then went out on SUPs, Andrea and Amanda went out on kayaks, while Griffin floated around in a life vest.

The kids played outdoors until it was dark and that was the end of our Missouri adventure! We packed up in the evening and then departed on Friday. 

The Gobles left super early in the morning, and we went to the airport and flew home without any issues. The wedding was beautiful, and it was a nice utilization of our trip to Missouri, to extend it a bit and to spend time at the lake with family. Unfortunately, Drew and Alli weren't able to join us, but we had a wonderful time with everyone else. 

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