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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Allison's visit

We think Allison's pretty happy that she's got a little girl cousin to grow up with. She's always ready to help with baby Paige and is unbelievably sweet with her. She was even willing to get up in the middle of the night to help take care of Paige, however Paige actually slept the whole night when Allison stayed over. Allison may have been disappointed, but Daddy was pretty pleased he got a good nights sleep!

Allison loves to feed baby Paige even though feeding time is often when her gas really kicks in. We've found that if you tickle her tummy a little Paige will push a little and Allison's helping Paige work out some gas in this video.

When we were playing outside, we had a contest to see who could go up the stairs on the play set and go down the slide the most times in 30 seconds. Allison did the most with 4 and Drew almost tied, but only managed 3 and a half.

For her prize, Alli got a humongous snow cone!

Allison's victory lap.

After swimming Allison helped give Connor a bath.

Allison also made a custom Pokemon card.

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