Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Connor sleeping in funny places

We've found Connor sleeping in some funny places and with some funny stuff lately. Often he doesn't really feel like going to bed when it's bed time and he'll creep out onto the bridge to see what's going on. In the first picture, it looks like he ended up falling asleep from where he was spying on everyone.

In the next picture he's arranged all kinds of toys in his bed including all his stuffed animals, a step stool, all his cars and even a big tractor trailer truck with bunches of blocks stacked up on top. There was hardly any room left in the bed for him.

In the last picture he's lined up all his stuffed animals on the ground and brought a blanket and pillow onto the ground and went to sleep there.

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Richard said...

That's very cute. Sometimes I can't sleep and want to bring my cars in bed too, but Grandma won't let me. Great pics.