Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Connor's back!

Connor had a busy week! He spent two nights with the Rudolphs and one night with Grandpa and Grandma Anders. He had a lot of fun and we missed our little man while he was away.

He's been a little under the weather lately. He had an ear infection and then this last week had a bit of a cough. We took him to the doctor yet again and she did some blood work and everything looked good for the most part, she thought it was really just allergies. Since he got a relatively clean bill of health and wasn't contagious we let him out of the house for his fun week of visiting relatives, but we almost decided against it.

We're glad we let him go, he had great visits with everyone and was a good boy.

Had to share the following picture. He hasn't even been out in the sun all that much and when he is we put sunscreen on him, but he still has gotten pretty dark! You can really tell how dark he's gotten in this picture. He's definitely his Mommy's boy, she tans the moment light hits her skin. I used to call her Tandrea Tanders when she got really tan in college.

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