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Saturday, August 14, 2010

McAlister's Deli with the Rudolphs

We met the Rudolphs and McAlister's today. Nothing too exciting about the visit but it was great to see them. They're all getting ready to go back to school soon!

Andrea thought I was just taking a picture of Paige here. It's hard enough to get a shot of a wiggly baby, but when Andrea's not cooperating it's nearly impossible. This was the only decent shot of them I got.

When I took Nate's picture he decided to pose like Andrea.

A little better Nate-Dogg.

Abby and Connor (nice finger up the nose Buster...)

The girls didn't cooperate at first.

But then they smiled really pretty.

Drew looked like a little stud with his hair fixed.

Andrea and Shawn!

Later we went to Babie's R' Us. Here's a random picture of Connor riding in a car with Garfield!

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Richard said...

Wow - that first picture of Paige - she's getting to be a big girl! Can't wait to see her this weekend.