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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Connor and Logan play soccer - epic showdown

Today after Connor's outdoor soccer game he really really really wanted to play more. One hour of soccer just wasn't enough. Mommy and Daddy knew they wouldn't be able to keep up, but thankfully Connor's friend Logan was up for some sports. 
The two boys played in the backyard for hours tonight. They took a short break to eat Happy Meals, but then got back to business. I took some pictures and videos of them playing. Connor loves to look at all the pictures and videos of himself in action, so I decided to put them all together and make an exciting action movie for the boys.

Connor enjoyed it, but wasn't a fan of the music. I thought it made the whole thing seem super epic. Connor definitely did love the slow motion though, for him there's nothing cooler than slow motion replays.

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