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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, September 5, 2011

Connor's favorite things

Over the weekend I asked Connor a number of things just for fun to see what he'd say. Although I think he missed the mark on a few answers I decided I'd just write down everything exactly as he answered.

1) What's your favorite color? Purple and Pink like Mommy.
2) Favorite Drink? Apple juice, chocolate milk, ice water, Capri Sun
3) Favorite food? Tiger food (Frosted Flaked). When I asked if there was anything else he said "Just only Tiger food".
4) Favorite Animal? Puppy dog
5) Connor said: Who's my favorite Baby? I said "Who?" Connor said it was Paige. Even though she yells at him and hits sometimes.
6) Favorite Toy? Gun. A Pretend Gun.
7) Sport? Blue sport. Means when he tackles. Because he plays football and he tries to tackle the bad guy. And that's what football players do.
8) Song? ABC's (he seemed irritated that I wouldn't know this)
9) Best friend? Connor Reid and you Daddy.
10) Clothes? Jammies.
11) Favorite thing to do? Play with you
12) This is going to take a long time (he was getting irritated, so we took a break)
13) Favorite place to go? At Hooooome.
14) Favorite game? Spiderman on Nintendo DS
15) Favorite thing to say? I like to say "Daddy I love you"
16) Favorite story at story time? Football stories
17) Favorite book? Dinosaur book.

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Richard said...

What fun. What a good dad to even think of asking? I can tell you really care for your kids. How wonderful.