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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beaches restaurant and Vilano Beach

On Sunday afternoon, we drove out to Beaches Restaurant for a late lunch with some friends. The restaurant was on the water and we sat in the sand by the water. The restaurant was on the inter-coastal waterway, not the ocean, but it was still a neat atmosphere. The kids had fun playing in the water while we waited for our food.

Paige found a cute chair to sit in, but she wasn't in the mood for a picture.

After we ate, everyone went over to Vilano beach for some fun in the ocean. The waves were bigger than at the other beaches we've been to and Connor had a great time jumping in them. He played quite a bit with Colton, who's the same age and also started Kindergarten this year.

At the end of the day he got cold and had to snuggle with Mommy.

Paige played in the sand with Clara's kids most of the time. Danny and Sophia were very good with her and Paige had fun digging in the sand and chasing a ball around the beach.
 Paige liked jumping in the sand with Danny and Sophia.

It was a great time, although it was a bit of a sandy mess when we left!

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