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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Underwater shots

I love to go underwater to watch the kids swim and jump in the pool while I'm wearing goggles. A few times lately I thought to myself "Man, I wish I could get a picture of this". Well, this last week we got our new iPhone 5's and were trying to decide what to do with our old iPhones. We decided to keep them around for the kids to play with and I decided to find a kid-proof case. I found one that's called "Lifeproof" on Amazon ( It is waterproof, and although I was pretty nervous about it, it did an awesome job keeping the phone dry underwater.

This afternoon we all went swimming and I got some neat shots of the kids swimming underwater and jumping in the pool.

Paige is fearless and barely sinks much underwater since she's so buoyant.

Here's her video

Connor is doing really well in the pool and is mostly self-sufficient. He can swim across it, swim down deep, go in the deep end, etc. The only thing that isn't great with him is his technique. He always feels like he has to pinch his nose shut with his fingers and that limits his arm movements quite a bit.

His videos pretty cool, got a lot of jumping shots and a few of him swimming down to grab a rocket in the deep end.

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Anonymous said...

They are some fabulous swimmers!! I cannot believe how far Connor is diving down to!! Paige is so courageous!!