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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pool Complete!

Our pool is finally complete! We have been enjoying it for a couple weeks, but didn't want to post the pictures of it until everything was finally in place. We used Island Pools for the construction and were very happy with the entire process. RD Gray, the owner, was awesome and everything turned out as nice or nicer than we expected. We were originally given a 60 day estimate for the entire pool construction, but from the time the hole was dug to the time it was completed was about 45 days.

It was a very overwhelming process when we look back on all of it. Lots of decisions. Everything was custom with this pool from the size, shape, structure, color, water features, screen, pavers, tile, coping, etc. It's hard to believe that our pool started with this picture. I drew this on our iPad months ago and tweaked it a few times until Andrea liked it. In the end we flipped it, removed the fountain in the spa, and added some more benches, but the overall shape and style is very close to this.

The last couple weeks, we've been getting the landscaping finished, a few minor details fixed, and the pool set up and converted from freshwater to salt water. I took the "final" pics just before we had our neighbors over for a pool party.

We had a walkway put in around the side, which has come in very handy.

We got lots of landscaping put in around the back and sides.

Andrea did an amazing job picking out plants and decorations as well as furniture for the pool. We've got some extra tables and decorations in these pics for our pool party.

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