Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Connor puts Paige to bed

It was bedtime for the kids and Andrea and I were exhausted from a long day, sitting on the couch, finally getting a chance to relax. Neither of us wanted to wrestle with Paige to get her to bed. Andrea turned to me and said "I wish I could just snap my fingers and she'd just be in bed."

I thought about it for a second and then turned to Connor and told him that he was in charge of Paige for the night and he needed to get her ready for bed. His eyes lit up, he was excited for the challenge and the responsibility. Andrea and I sat back and enjoyed the show. It wasn't done smoothly or quickly, but Connor got Paige up to her room, got her pajamas on her and then tried to get her in bed. Paige thought it was all very funny and ran away from Connor until I went and told her very sternly to listen to Connor.

I brushed Paige's teeth and then Connor read her some books before finally turning off her lights for the night. Connor is an awesome big brother and I thought it was a very special and fun moment.

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