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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sissy swimming in our pool

Paige had, what we hope, is a big breakthrough in her swimming.  Paige had really been enjoying our pool, but never did anything except splash around in the very shallow areas. We tried doing some work with her in the deeper parts of the pool, but even when we held her she was terrified and wouldn't enjoy it.

This past week, on Tuesday Andrea scheduled and took her to Ms Michelle to get a refresher on her ISR swimming skills. Paige shrieked the entire time, but did fairly well. On Wednesday, Andrea was out in the pool with the kids and she texted me to come out and see my daughter. When I got outside I was impressed to see Paige floating on her back and having a blast. Andrea had finally gotten Paige to do her floating in our pool.

I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures and a couple videos.

Great job Sissy and Mommy!


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