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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter, and the kids are finally patient enough we were able to sleep in a little bit and not get up early to immediately find every egg in the house. Chloe had been in her kennel all night so she wouldn't eat the Easter bunny and any candy around the house. The kids ate their breakfast while sneaking peeks at all the eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden around the house. After breakfast, and everyone was up, the kids opened their Easter baskets and then they ran around like wild animals and found every egg in the house.

We got dressed, ate at Cantina Laredo for lunch, and then went to PVIC for an Easter Egg hunt. It was supposed to rain, so we weren't sure if we would go, but the skies looked clear and we got lucky that it didn't rain on us at all.

We waited around for a few minutes and then they released the kids to grab the eggs. I believe there were over 8000 eggs total and the kids were split in to different zones based on their ages, so Connor and Paige were in separate areas. I started my video of Paige a little late, but Andrea got a good video of Connor.

After the egg hunt we checked the eggs to see if we won any extra big prizes. No golden or silver eggs were found, but the kids got a bunch of candy and some little toys too.

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