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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Under contract, new house

On Saturday, we went under contract to purchase a house. We've been looking for quite some time, and this is actually the fourth house that we put an offer on. The house is in the exact neighborhood we wanted, on the North end of the neighborhood where we wanted to be, is a great layout and floorplan, and has all the rooms that we want and need. The current decorations aren't exactly to our taste, and we are planning to do some work to the house, but it has a lot of things going for it and we are very excited that the current home owner accepted our offer and that the timing should work out. If everything goes to plan, we will own the new house for a month before we have to move out of our current house. We're hoping that will give us enough time to do the projects in the house that we would like to do before moving in. We plan to get an inspection done early next week and will know for sure whether the house is going to work out. We've got our fingers crossed!

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Richard said...

Wow. The wood floors look terrific. I like the inlay in the front hallway, and the den looks warm and rich. Not crazy about some of the wallpaper though. Looks like a great house with lots of possibilities.