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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Connor's 9th birthday

Connor's 9th birthday fell in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. Not the ideal day for a celebration, but we wanted to make it special for him. Andrea asked him what he wanted to bring to his school classroom for a treat and Connor wanted Dunkin Donuts. We all went there in the morning and had a doughnut for breakfast and then we got a bunch of donuts for his class too. Andrea dropped him off afterwards and Connor said the doughnuts all went over well and everyone enjoyed them. 

After school, Connor went to tennis practice and on the way home Andrea picked up some Burger King for him (his request). That evening he opened some presents. Andrea picked out some toys from our stash of goodies that we have saved up, and Paige put them in a gift bag along with the cards that she made for him. Paige loved having something to give to big brother on his birthday.

We also gave him some of his favorite football stuffed characters as well. He has all the teams at this point, except for 6. 

Connor was thrilled to get the Ravens and Titans.

Hard to believe our little man is already 9! It was a fun day for a celebration and we hope we made it fun for him.

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