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Saturday, March 26, 2016

House for sale

On Friday March 18th 2016, we put our house on the market. After thinking things through following the Tuscan house, I decided I'd be most comfortable with our moving situation if we sold our house and I knew what we would be selling it for, prior to purchasing a new home. It was supposed to rain on Friday, so we decided to get pictures done on Thursday afternoon. Wednesday evening, I decided to take a few pics of the front of the house just in case we needed them.

On Thursday, the weather was perfect, but we could see storms rolling in and I had a feeling it'd rain right when we were supposed to take pictures. Unfortunately, just as the photographer pulled up, it started to rain. The outside pics didn't end up looking sunny or cheerful, which was a disappointment. We ended up really liking the way the inside pictures turned out.

Friday, we reviewed the listing with our agent Dan and decided to use the picture I took of the outside as the first and main picture. We cleaned the house up and then left on vacation. We were hoping to get a few showings while we were away, and it was good timing because we wouldn't have to clean up between showings.

On Saturday, 3/19 at 10:45am we had our first showing, and at 11:30 we had our second. We were pretty happy to hear that the first person that viewed the house asked for a second showing on Sunday, 3/20 at noon. We also had a showing on Sunday at 4pm. On Sunday night, we received our first written offer from the people that first viewed the home, and it was pretty close to our asking price. We were pretty happy with most of the terms, but had some questions which our realtor asked them on Monday morning. On Monday, while we were discussing our first offer, we got a second offer in which was slightly lower than the first offer. Our realtor Dan told them that we were well past that number and asked that they send in a written offer if they were serious and interested. Shortly thereafter the second offer family sent in a full price offer. We were tempted to just accept the full price offer, but decided to go back to the first person to see if they would be interested in offering more.

We sent both parties a note letting them know that we'd like their best final offer in the morning and that by Tuesday afternoon we would decide which offer to go with. Both parties ended up offering a bit more than the asking price. It was a really hard decision, and honestly both offers were good. We ended up going with the first family that viewed the house since they'd been very fair and professional throughout. They were the first family to see the house and were moving all the way from Utah. The inspection on the house happened today (3/26/2016) and it seemed to go fine. We're excited that we didn't have to make the house up for months and months at a time and that we got good activity and offers. We've got our fingers crossed that it doesn't fall through between now and closing!

There were a few pics we didn't end up using, which I decided to post below. We hadn't expected some of these rooms to be photographed, so they weren't exactly show-ready. Also, the rainy front pics weren't used in the listing, but I figured I'd post them anyways.

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