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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Bentley Continental GT test drive with Paige

On Saturday after the tennis tournament, we ate lunch and then Paige and I went to the beach club to a Bentley event. Paige has always talked about getting a convertible some day and when I got the email about the Bentley event I signed us up to test drive the Continental GT. I actually planned to skip the event since I thought it might not be safe with the pandemic, however I thought that hopefully the convertible would be a fairly safe choice since hopefully any virus particles wouldn't accumulate and the Bentley staff did a fairly thorough job wiping it down with disinfectant between drivers. 

Paige and I enjoyed driving the car around town and when we stopped to turn around she took a pic of me in the car. We liked how comfortable the car was and of course that it was a convertible, but honestly we were a little surprised at how it seemed fairly dated compared to the Teslas we've ridden in. 

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Richard said...

I've always thought the Bentley was a pretty cool car - comfortable and quiet. Not sure how quiet the convertible would be, but still comfortable.