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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Paige's tennis with friends

Paige was signed up to do tennis at our club on Friday, but they canceled it because it was a bit cold and windy. I don't think all that many kids were signed up. Paige was pretty disappointed and she begged us to put together a tennis get-together with some of her friends that had been planning to go to the clinic. 

Andrea got in touch with the parents and on Friday afternoon Paige got together with Zoey, Cailyn, and Abby at the courts in our neighborhood. They mostly just goofed off and played "Texas Tennis" which consisted of hitting the ball anywhere on the other side of the net and there was no limit to how many bounces or touches it took to get it back as long as it didn't stop or roll. 

It was cute that Paige really wanted to play some tennis and the girls got a great workout chasing balls all over the place.

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