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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas lights - scavenger hunt

On December 23rd, the weather was still fairly warm, and Andrea came across the idea of a Christmas Light scavenger hunt. We like to go through the neighborhood to see the lights and decided we'd take the opportunity to go in the golf cart before it got too cold out. We put on our winter coats and drove through the neighborhood to enjoy the lights and nice weather. We weren't the only ones with the idea and we saw a few neighbors doing the same thing. 


Andrea found a "Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt" checklist and we found quite a few of the items listed. We also stopped and took a couple pics with some of our favorite houses. 

This year is the first time since living in Florida that we put any lights out on the house. We've done some decorations in the past like garland and bows, but the lights seemed like too much of a hassle. I'd done a bit of work around the house lately with automation and wiring and setup some smart plugs that will turn on and off. I decided to put lights on the balcony garland this year and while it's not at all as fancy as many of the houses in our neighborhood, the kids enjoyed the lights and it looked a little more festive this  year.

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