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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Millie Mae Post-Christmas visit


The day after Christmas we got up early so we could go to Millie's breeder (Stacy) so the kids could meet their new puppy for the first time. We arrived at 10am and the kids were so excited to meet baby Millie. Stacy requires that everyone coming in to her home/business take off their shoes and wear a hospital style gown and we also wore our masks during the visit except for a couple of family pictures. 

Millie was looking quite cute today and it's amazing how much puppies change in such a short amount of time. Millie had filled out quite a bit and was looking round and plump. Her hair has grown in more and started to become wavy and both of her eyes were open. She still doesn't want to walk around much when we set her down on the ground, she seemed to prefer being held and snuggling. She liked to burrow her face in to Connor's arm and she loved Paige's head rubs.

After we hung out with Millie in the family room, we went to the back room where many of the puppies are being kept and are crate trained. It is always so much fun to see all the puppies that are getting ready to go to their new homes. We're allowed to pet them, but not pick them up, and Mrs. Stacy and her staff teach the puppies to become accustom to the crates and not to bark and be too wild. When the puppies are first removed from their mother, they are put in a crate with a littermate and they still see their mother a few times per day for feeding. Eventually they are moved to their own crate and learn to be independent. 

Usually when we go in the room it's surprising how many puppies there are and how well behaved they all are. Today, a few of them were a bit rowdy and impatient since they had just been moved to their own individual crates, but it was still pretty quiet and calm considering how many puppies were in one room together. As you can imagine, the kids loved meeting all the different puppies. Paige held Millie the entire time in one hand as she went from crate to crate. 

Mrs. Stacy was also nice enough to bring out Millie's mother Maggie and her father Tory so we could see both of them. Andrea and I had met Maggie (Havanese) on a previous visit, but it was our first time meeting Tory (Mini Poodle). He was a bit shy and apparently didn't like his new poodle style cut. 

We had such a nice visit with Millie and we're looking forwards to our visit with her next week!

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Richard said...

Beautiful little pup. Looks like the kiddos are in love.