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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Christmas Celebration with Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice

Around 2:30pm, Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice came by our house to celebrate Christmas with us. We have been limiting our social interactions, especially indoors, with people but decided to spend the holiday with G&G maskless in our house. It's a risk this year with the pandemic, but we all agreed to it and tried to be safe, so no hugging this year. We exchanged some gifts, ate lots of goodies, played "Sleeping Queens" and "Outfoxed" and watched some basketball and football. It was a fun visit and G&G were surprised and excited about our new puppy addition as well. 

In the afternoon we got on a Zoom call with Grandpa Rick's siblings and family and then in the evening, we got a Zoom call with Uncle Chris, Aunt Abby, Max, Uncle Alex, and Aunt Laura, and Charlie. It obviously not nearly as fun as in person, but it was nice to have the option to see each other virtually and to spend some time together as a family.


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Richard said...

It was lots of fun seeing everyone on Christmas Day. Can't wait until there are hugs and kisses. Thank you.