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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Paige and Millie Mae go Running


Millie Mae still loves to go on runs with me, as long as she can be off leash. She doesn't really love running with a leash, but will grudgingly go if I insist. Running off leash is another story. You can tell she enjoys it and when we get started she will sprint in circles, nip at my hands with excitement, and will dig in the sand at the beach. On Mondays, the golf course in our neighborhood is closed for maintenance and on Monday evening Paige surprisingly agreed to go running with us. We went the entire length of the course, starting in our backyard, and I got a cute pic of her with Millie as the sun was setting.

This morning, Millie and I went to the beach for our morning run. She was pumped to get a puppuccino from Starbucks afterwards and I got a cute pic of her excited expression after I asked her if she was interested.

Millie's looking pretty cute lately as her hair has grown out a bit, it's a good length right now since it's not getting tangled, but it's not super short either.

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