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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Hotdog BBQ with the Gobles

Saturday morning the kids had their tennis lessons at Bolles and then Andrea and I went to lunch at TPC to have our usual salad and nachos. In the afternoon the Gobles came by and I heated up the hot tub and Ryan fired up the grill and cooked up some hotdogs. We enjoyed fresh fruit, macaroni, and chips with our hotdogs. Connor was out with some friends that stopped by on their bikes, but the rest of us enjoyed the warm weather and cool pool. 

I was wondering if Millie Mae was going to remember how to swim, and after a brief moment of hesitation, she jumped in and swam her little booty off. She was super happy to swim and would shiver with excitement if you took her out to make her rest. We thought maybe she was cold, but she'd do the same even after I warmed her up in the hot tub. Sophie wasn't interested in swimming, but did take a dip as well when she took a wrong step off the edge of the hot tub and fell in to the pool. Thankfully I was nearby and rescued her quickly. 

Graydon enjoyed the inflatables and the basketball hoop. Paige played a little basketball and played with Graydon and Millie. She also had fun dragging Griffin around on the inflatables and holding him. We had to keep a close watch on Griffin since he didn't have any floaties with him and was definitely not the least bit scared of the water. 


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