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Sunday, February 26, 2012

ISR Swimming lessons week 2

The swimming lessons continued this week, every night. It's gotten pretty tedious and takes up a lot of our time in the evenings, but it's something we continue to do for the sake of the kids. Connor started enjoying the swimming lessons less this week, while Paige enjoyed them more.

Connor's been pushed pretty hard to do swimming, then floating, then swimming. There were a few instances this past week where he had trouble transitioning to the floating position and then got impatient to switch back to swimming before he got a good breath. He is used to just swimming across the pool all at once and it is tough to be patient and realize he can breath without being at the side of the pool. There were a few times he got pretty scared, but by the end of the week he'd gotten over his nervousness. We just talked to him about the fact that there wasn't anything to be scared of during swimming lessons and Michelle, Mommy and Daddy wouldn't let him drown.

He does enjoy the swimming, and I caught a cute picture of him smiling during his lessons.

Connor's week 2 video:

Good work Connor!

Paige started off the week as upset as she ended the previous week. She always enjoys watching Connor swim his part, and it's not until we get her changed into her swim gear that she got upset.

This week, on Monday, Paige started off crying, but after one of her drills she splashed the water and loved everyone's reaction. We encouraged her to have fun with the lessons and for a couple of the lessons she didn't cry at all the entire time.

On Friday, when we arrived, she was happy to get in the pool and had fun for the first part of the lesson. About halfway through, she had a rough moment where she kind of got lost in the pool and struggled to find the steps and/or Michelle. She was pretty worn out from splashing around and panicking. Michelle picked her up and kept working with her, but Paige wasn't too pleased.

By the end of the lesson, Sissy was pretty tired.

Overall, Paige did very well this week. She knows the drill and is happy when she's done and she gets her animal crackers. She's getting pretty good at floating, but not so much at the swimming yet. Definite improvement though over last week!

Paige's week 2 video:

We're proud of our guys!

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