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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lunch and beach at St. Augustine - Anastasia Island

Today we decided to take a quick lunch in St. Augustine to see the town and check out the beach. We weren't planning to make a big day of it, but thought it would be fun to try a local restaurant and then take a relaxing walk on the beach. We knew it was still much too cold to go swimming in the water, but we thought it would be fun for the kids to see the ocean.

We ate lunch at Beach Combers in St. Augustine and it was OK. We were surprised to find it was the first place we've eaten at that didn't have sweet tea. It had a nice atmosphere since you could see the beach from our seats.

After lunch, we went down on the beach and took a short walk. We didn't know what to expect at the beach and weren't even sure we'd get out and walk around, but it was a neat beach and very accessible. We were able to park our SUV in the sand and then it was just a hundred yards or so to the water. The sand was fine and soft and the weather was nice and warm with a cool ocean breeze. It wasn't good swimming weather, but it was beautiful.

Connor loved to climb the sand dunes.

After climbing the dunes for a while we went down to the water. Connor was worried that baby sister would fall in the sand and grabbed her hand.

What a great big brother!

I took a quick video as they got near the water.

Paige was pretty apprehensive about getting her feet in the water and we shouldn't have encouraged it. The beach was very flat and there was an area that was about 20-30 yards long that would get very small inch deep water flowing on it as the waves broke. We thought the kids would like to get their feet in it and at least feel the ocean. We should have expected what was going to happen next, but when you hear my reaction, I clearly didn't.

Well, after Paige took a spill in the water we thought our journey was at an end. We stripped off her soaking, salty, sandy dress and thankfully it was warm enough that she was OK to run around in just her diaper and diaper cover for a while. She actually probably enjoyed that more than wearing the dress. Unfortunately, a few minutes after Paige fell in the water, Connor decided to squat down and put his bottom in it. I suppose it was impossible to imagine that we could go down to the beach and keep the kids from getting their clothes wet.

Daddy took a quick pic with Paige and her yucky wet dress.

And with my little man.

Connor definitely enjoyed the beach.

So did our messy little wild woman.

We walked around for a bit longer and then went back to the car. It was a fun little trip and it was nice and close to our house, just over 30 minutes away to this location. Sometimes, I don't remember to get a wide angle shot of the areas we visit, but at the last minute I snapped a quick picture of Paige running on the beach. You can see how nice and flat the beach is and how packed the sand is in that area. Very pretty.

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