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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, February 3, 2012

New house progress

This past week they officially started working on the house. We went by on Wednesday, February 1st, and they were out working on the footers and the foundation. We met a few of the neighbors who were outside and it made us more excited and probably a bit more impatient to get the house completed.

On Thursday after the holes were dug, we went back out and took a look. I took a neat picture that stitched together a number of shots into one long 180 degree panorama. Definitely a fisheye effect, but you can really see the whole lot from the East side.

Today, Friday the 3rd, we went out and took a look again. The concrete was poured and was drying. We snapped a couple quick pics again. Not too exciting to look at, but we're thrilled that progress is being made.

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