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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun weekend with the kids

This weekend we didn't have any plans, so we tried to enjoy our time with the kids.

We decided to use some of our free time to get out together and look at some stuff around Jacksonville. On Saturday, we went to visit with a family that lives in a house that is the same floorplan we're building. The kids had fun running around with their kids while we chatted about the house and the options they went with when building. After that, we went to eat and then to a couple furniture stores.

Our plan didn't go so well. Paige was cranky, Connor was complaining the whole time, and it tested our patience big time. We went home earlier than we planned and resolved never to try such a shopping trip with the kids again. This morning, we decided we'd get out and just piddle around for a bit without such big goals. We went to the local mall and walked around and ate lunch. The kids had fun seeing everything and throwing pennies in the fountain.

Connor was happy to wear his favorite outfit. He told me this morning it's his favorite for three reasons.
1) It's got long sleeves
2) It's got stripes
3) It matches well with his grey and blue comfy pants

While we were in the Buckle, he found a very pretty lady's silk blouse that he thought felt very soft. He wanted us to buy it for him. I took a quick picture of him with it.

The rest of the day, we spent at home. It was a very "cold" day today in the mid 60's and drizzly. We laughed at ourselves when we realized we'd described the weather that way.

Finally, I'll wrap up with a couple silly pictures of Paigie Pie. When I picked her up from Jami's (the babysitter) earlier this week, she had cute pigtails in the back and they looked really cute. The pics didn't come out too well, but I thought it showed how long her hair is getting. Still short, but she does look more like a girl now as it's growing out.

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