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Friday, February 3, 2012

Kids at the park

Today, we went to our third park. We're trying out all the parks near us and there are a lot. Today we were in the St. Johns Forest park and it was so-so. The area was nice, clean, and well kept, however the equipment wasn't too exciting. There were swings and fun toys to ride, however the main piece of equipment was pretty small and not too challenging for Connor to climb on. Paige enjoyed herself and they both liked to play with some of the other kids that were around.

Connor liked climbing up the equipment, but it was pretty small stuff, definitely made for younger kids.

Connor looked pretty awesome on the motorcycle.

 Paige liked to ride the butterfly as well as the motorcycles.

Connor was very sweet with baby sister and helped her up on one of the riding toys.

Today, I took one of my favorite pictures of Paige. In KC, her hair always seemed dry and frizzy, but in Florida the humidity gives it a whole different look. It's getting longer and has a very distinct and cute wave to it. It's finally a bit longer than most boys would wear, so it's usually pretty obvious at a glance now that she's a girl. Wearing pink always helps too.

You could get lost in these eyes!

Paige definitely loves life!

I tried to get a cute picture of my little man, but he decided to make this silly face instead!

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