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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations this year were a bit different than before. We no longer have a fireplace (what's the point in Florida?!?) and had a completely different setup than we did in our Kansas City house. This year Andrea wanted to fit the decorations we used in years past in to the decorating style that she'd worked so hard to create and she got a few new things to help tie it all together.

We didn't go overboard by any means this year. The family room definitely looked Christmasy, however the rest of the house was pretty much left untouched.

For the outside, Andrea had some garland custom made on Etsy that would frame our front door. She also decorated a few pots with some ornaments and garland. She found a neat example to follow from Pintrest and modified it so the colors and ornaments would better match our house.

It looked very classy and cute, we liked how it turned out. Other than that, the outside wasn't decorated except for the night we put out the luminaries with the rest of the neighborhood. In the coming years, we're sure to accumulate more and more Christmas decorations, so it's probably good that we took it slow to start.

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