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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas fun in the neighborhood

On Saturday night, our neighborhood celebrated Christmas together with a nice event put on by the "Women's Coalition". Andrea is a member, and the treasurer, of the organization and they worked for a while to come up with some neat ideas to bring the neighborhood together. Santa and Mrs. Claus were at the clubhouse from 5-6 along with Christmas cookies, treats, punch, hot chocolate and temporary tattoos. At 6 o'clock, the St. Augustine trolley arrived and started touring the neighborhood so we could all enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations. The Women's Coalition had distributed luminary kits to anyone willing to participate, and the little white bags were placed all throughout the neighborhood. It was very pretty and Connor and Paige loved it all.

I didn't get a good picture of the luminary kits in the neighborhood, but found a picture that shows how it looked.

Andrea, of course, had the kids dressed very cute. Paige loved her dress. She just lit up when Andrea put it on her. She called it alternatively her Santa Dress or her Christmas Dress. She was in love with it. At one point she pooped and wanted to go on the potty, but was very worried she'd get her dress dirty.

Connor's got so many friends in the neighborhood. He posed for some pictures with a couple of his classmates, Leila and Madison.

It was hard to really get any pictures on the trolley, but we tried.

I got a picture of Connor in front of the trolley, after we got off. There were lots of people waiting to get on!

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