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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Flag Football update - Game 3

Connor's been doing football for a few weeks now. Yesterday was his third game and things are finally coming together with his team. I've been working with Coach Clay quite a bit over these weeks and the kids are learning the plays better and better and we're all making good changes and adjustments as we go.

Connor definitely enjoys it, however we think he was getting a little discouraged from the first two games. He didn't like the pressure of winning and losing and didn't like that people kept score in the games. Going in to our week 3 game, he told Mommy that he only likes the practices. We talked to him about how the practices are important because they prepare for the games and that with sports we keep score to keep track of our progress and to see how to improve. We all work to make sure it's fun and told him to not worry about the score or about winning and losing. We told him the important thing is to work hard for the team and to do your best.

At the game, Connor played hard and did great. He had three carries during the game. The first one would have been a touchdown, but he got tripped and fell just as he was turning the corner on the defense. The defensive player got a penalty called for incidental tripping and we got a first down as a result. Connor's second carry was on a reverse on fourth down, which was the last play of the first half. Reid, the quarterback ran to the right side of the field and handed off the ball to Connor as Connor was going to the left. Most of the defensive players continued to follow Reid while Connor used his speed to run across the field to the left side and past the few defenders that realized what was going on. Connor managed to get around everyone and got his first touchdown! It was very exciting and Connor was thrilled. Connor's third carry was also a good hard run in the second half, and although he made some good yards, one of the defensive players made a great diving grab and pulled Connor's flag before Connor could get past him. It was a touchdown saving "tackle" on Connor.

Connor was also fairly good on defense, however he was very tentative during most of the game. He'd run up to the ball carrier, but seemed nervous to get too close and would usually reach ineffectually for the flag from arm's length and would miss. Towards the end of the fourth quarter he did get one flag.

After the game, Connor was glad he played and was very proud of his touchdown. We're glad he's enjoying the games and that he's continuing to improve. Connor's team was great during the game and everyone ran the ball well and pursued well on defense. They won the game 20-6.

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