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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Gobles visit!

Amanda, Ryan, and Graydon came to Florida to visit! Ryan did an awesome job planning the trip by himself and he surprised Amanda with the trip on Christmas. Amanda opened a present that had a stuffed SouthWest Airline airplane in it. It was a very hard secret to keep and we have been looking forwards to their visit for a long time.

Paige has had a great visit with baby Graydon. She has been very interested in him and loves to play with him and entertain him.

Paige helped Aunt Amanda put lotion on the baby after Graydon's bath.

She also loved watching and "helping" Uncle Ryan feed Graydon baby cereal.

On Sunday we ate at Clark's Fish Camp for lunch, compliments of Grandma Genie. There were lots of neat stuffed animals to see and the menu had lots of crazy stuff on it (turtle, snake, alligator, etc). For an appetizer, we ordered Kangaroo. It was pretty tough and I thought it had a "liver" taste to it. Connor made some faces at first when he ate it, but he actually really liked it and ate a lot of it.

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Richard said...

Very nice to have family around on the holidays. I've heard Clarks was a good place to eat. We'll all have to try that sometime.