Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shawn as Mystery Reader

This week I was the mystery reader for Connor's class. I sent in my 5 clues this week and Connor didn't seem to have any idea that it was me on Friday. The clues narrowed it down to 2 boys in his class and they weren't sure if it was me or another daddy until I showed up.

My clues:
1. I have dark hair
2. I am six feet tall
3. I am someone's Daddy
4. My son is in Ms Benson's class
5. My name starts with an S

Andrea came up with the genius idea to bring in the "Jingle" books along with the Jingle stuffed animal. As the books are read, there are certain passages that are red and when you read them the stuffed animal will bark or make an appropriate sound in response. For instance, there might be a passage that says "... and that made Jingle want to sing" and then the stuffed animal will bark a few notes from "Jingle Bells". A couple of the kids had seen it, but most hadn't and neither had Connor's teacher. The books were perfect Christmas stories and the children thought it was great fun.

We had to take a silly pic too!

I took a couple pics of some of Connor's Christmas schoolwork that were pretty cute.

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