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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amanda and Ryan Goble visit us in Florida

This past Tuesday, Amanda and Ryan came to visit us in Jacksonville. We were so excited to have our second visitors in Florida already and it was a great visit. We had lots of fun showing them around Jacksonville, playing with the kids, and even visiting an Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.

I put together a highlight video of the alligator farm:

We posed for some cute pics on a stuffed gator in the entrance.

In the middle of the park, there were a bunch of huge gators. Every hour they'd put on a show and would talk about the gators and feed them dead rats.

Connor even gave one of the alligators a kiss (through the glass).

Connor enjoyed feeding the birds.

There was a neat area that was set up like a natural swamp with an elevated walkway cutting through.

There were some little machines on the walkway where you could buy some alligator food pellets and it was fun throwing it to them. I was really nervous someone would fall over the side though. You'd probably get torn to pieces in a couple seconds.

We took a picture next to Gomek, who was dead and stuffed, but one of the biggest crocs we've ever seen.

After the Alligator Farm, we went to Mango Mango for some beachside food, then went for a stroll on the St. Augustine beach.

Today, on Saturday, we had to bid them farewell. It was a very fun visit and we loved having them as guests.

Amanda showed off her baby bump! We probably won't see them again until that baby is birthed!!

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