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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Connor's fourth soccer game - Five goals!!

Today was Connor's fourth soccer game with his team: Giant Alligators. Connor has been doing great at all his games and has been more aggressive, getting in and shooting the ball when he gets every opportunity. Connor scored five goals today and you could tell his team had a lot of fun. They all get along great and there are some really good players on his team.

This was also our week to bring snacks. Andrea is actually the official "Team Mom" and she'd set up the snack schedule. For this week, Andrea packed sliced apples for halftime snack and fudge rounds and Capri Suns for after the game. Connor liked giving them out to everyone. 

It was fun, as always to watch our little guy play. He tries hard and is such a good boy. We are so lucky!

I put together a cute video highlighting Connor's goals.

 Sissy and Mommy love cheering for Connor!

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