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Sunday, March 18, 2012

House update - Slab and cinder blocks

Lots of exciting progress on our house this past week!

We're officially farther than we ever have been before. Hopefully they won't be tearing all this up and starting over again!

We've been checking up every day and it's been exciting to see the progress. The slab was poured last week and it looked pretty darn good to our untrained eyes.

I put together a 360 degree panorama of the view from the middle of the slab.

This is the same pictures, stitched together, a little more confusing seeing it this way. 

On Tuesday through Friday they worked on the lower level of the house. They hauled a bunch of cinder blocks on to the slab and spent a lot of time putting them all in place. The house is taking shape and when you walk through it you can really picture where the rooms will be and how everything will be arranged.

You can really envision how tall the ceilings will be when I'm standing next to the walls.

I put together another 360 degree panorama from the middle of the house with the cinder blocks in place.

Again, the stitched together photos below.

The wood has been delivered and is sitting on the lot next door. Lots of wood!

On Friday, they'd sealed up all the holes at the bottoms of the walls and put some hardware in place at the top of the walls where they'll be attaching all the upstairs bracing and material.

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