Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gobles move back to Missouri

This past Tuesday, September 30th, the Gobles moved back to Missouri.

Ryan flew to California on Sunday for work, and Amanda and Graydon stayed until Tuesday so the movers could load up their things and one of their cars could get picked up to be transported. They stayed the night on Monday, and then Genie, Graydon and Amanda left very early for the long drive on Tuesday morning. They drove all day Tuesday and part of the day on Wednesday before arriving safely back in Odessa.

It was very disappointing to see them leave. We all grew much closer to them while they were here and it was fun to see Graydon so often and to see him warm up to us. Connor and Paige loved to play with him and by the end of their stay in Florida he would talk to them and was so comfortable around us. It was fun to hear him say "Connor", "Paysh", "Andrea" and "Shohn". When they first moved here a couple months ago Graydon was terrified of me, but by the end he would run up to all of us and give us hugs and kisses. He is a very sweet boy and we will miss getting to see him so frequently.

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