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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big girl Paige

Paige thinks she's too big for a high chair lately. They can't be too comfortable with no padding and a seatbelt. We briefly put her in booster seats, but she just wants to sit in a regular seat like everyone else. Yesterday, at McAlister's was her first day sitting in a chair by herself and she looked like such a big girl!

Connor's been a very good boy at meals when we eat out. Very good manners and so easy and fun.

After lunch we watched Drew's basketball team play and then the kids went to stay the night with the Rudolphs. Nathan sent us the video below of Paige being silly. It was definitely blog-worthy!

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Richard said...

Very cute, but looks like a dangerous girl. Wait until she picks up that hammer and wants to play... Yikes.